Microsoft Webinar

As frontline clinicians and healthcare workers raced around the clock to save lives affected by the pandemic, patients with pre-existing health conditions in queue for critical and scheduled surgeries were also deeply impacted as surgery wait times increased indefinitely, constraining the already stretched resources of healthcare providers across Canada.

As a frontline clinician, administrator, healthcare policy expert, and chief medical information officer, Dr. Simpson shares experiences on accessing care, and how technology is empowering clinicians and enabling the care continuum by reducing surgical wait times, increasing access to care and driving operational efficiencies, keeping the patients’ wellbeing at the forefront.

John Sinclair, the President of Novari Health touches upon Canadian examples of how innovative cloud based technology is being used to improve patient access to care. From mental health, orthopedics, diabetes, medical imaging, and beyond these technologies are helping to ensure that the right patients get to the right providers at the right time with the right clinical data.