Cancellations of elective surgeries and procedures caused by the pandemic have resulted in massive backlogs. Surgeons, hospitals, regional health authorities and ministries of health are actively planning and executing surgical backlog recovery plans. Making Novari ATC part of that plan is a game-changer. 

Novari ATC has been proven to increase surgical capacity by driving:

  • a 45% to 65% reduction in day-of-surgery cancellations which dramatically reduces the amount of available OR time that goes unused each day because of last-minute cancellations.
  • a 5% to 7% increase in the utilization of surgical capacity, meaning more cases completed at the same time.
  • an up to 30% reduction in average wait times for critical procedures.

The made in Canada Novari ATC technology, built, and hosted on the Microsoft technology stack, is unique. No other such system exists anywhere. It integrates with a hospital’s existing surgical scheduling technologies regardless of brand and it provides hospitals and surgeons with capabilities that are needed now more than ever.

Novari ATC technology helps increase capacity and assists in ensuring the most efficient use of all available surgical time and resources. Leveraging real-time data from the hospital HIS OR system, Novari ATC enables the accurate booking of surgeon-specific procedure times, daily block management for surgical suite productivity, standardized complete patient preparation, the ability to accommodate late case substitutions, and the elimination of day-of-surgery cancellations.

The Novari technology provides surgeons, hospitals, health authorities, and ministries of health with real-time and accurate data on those waiting for surgery, thereby creating total transparency coupled with complete accountability.  The technology gives administrators at every level a live window into overall, real-time surgical performance, leveraging knowledge performance indicators (KPIs) such as surgical throughput, patient prioritization, and the number of patients waiting for surgery sorted by doctor, wait time, service (e.g., orthopedics, surgical oncology, general surgery, vascular surgery, etc.), diagnosis, hospital, and region.  This real-time data allows administrators to truly manage wait lists in real time, and to appropriately allocate and optimize surgical resources to best match the demand of backlogged cases.

Novari ATC is trusted by hospitals and regional health authorities throughout Canada.