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The Novari team has been working for years on designing, building and implementing software technologies to help healthcare systems battle COVID-19. We just didn’t know it. We didn’t know that our surgical wait list and patient prioritization technology would be put to use to help improve surgical wait times worsened by a global pandemic.  We didn’t know that our referral management and workflow technology would be put to use to track and manage patients needing COVID testing. We didn’t know that our virtual care technology would be put to use to safely allow patients to see physicians inside a virtual walk in clinic.

“Since the early days of the pandemic we have moved mountains to help hospitals, regional health authorities, governments, physicians and patients mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. Fueled by a sense of duty and the knowledge that we have unique technologies that can help, we’ve worked feverishly with our front-line healthcare clients to help them fight this hideous pandemic. Our team’s sense of purpose has never been stronger.”

John Sinclair, CPHIMS-CA
President, Novari Health

John Sinclair & Dr. Chris Simpson on tackling COVID-19 surgical wait list backlog

John Sinclair and Dr. Chris Simpson join Microsoft Canada for an interview on how some Canadian hospitals and other regions are tackling back logged surgical wait list times with innovative technology.

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Saskatchewan Deploys COVID-19 Novari eReferral & Central Intake System

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) in partnership with eHealth Saskatchewan has deployed the Novari eReferral & central intake system province-wide for COVID-19 testing and assessment referrals. Working closely together, SHA, eHealth and Novari Health staff quickly configured the Novari technology to facilitate COVID-19 referrals to help ensure that patients with COVID-19 symptoms, concerns or wanting testing are quickly processed and sent to the closest and available testing or assessment sites across Saskatchewan.

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Ontario Virtual Care Clinic Powered by Novari Health - Now Live

Access to primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic poses a problem for some patients as they follow public health instructions to practice social distancing and staying home. With patients obeying public health instructions, physicians are seeing less demand for traditional face-to-face clinical appointments. Virtual medical appointments using the Novari eVisit™ technology provide a safe way for patients and physicians to see each other, with no need for the use of critical personal protection equipment (PPE), such as N95 masks.

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Using the power of the web to enable patients and healthcare professionals to have safe and secure virtual appointments.

Virtual care enables healthcare professionals to remotely see their patients. The system allows clinicians and patients to interact using video, audio, and secure messaging.

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Ontario Virtual Care Clinic Powered by Novari Health – Now Live

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Ontario Virtual Care Clinic sees demand ‘go through the roof’

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Implement central intake and workflow management to dramatically improve access to care.

COVID-19 has challenged healthcare systems in many ways to include access to mental health, addiction, and other healthcare services.

Novari eRequest with it's robust referral management and central intake capabilities is helping hospitals and regional health authorities meet these challenges.

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Saskatchewan Deploys COVID-19 Novari eReferral & Central Intake System

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Manage surgical wait list backlogs with a proven surgical wait list management solution.

The Novari ATC surgical wait list, eBooking, and pre-op solution integrates with a hospital's OR scheduling system. It electronically connects the surgeon's offices with the hospital for paperless eBooking and has robust wait list management capabilities. The solution provides clinical and administrative leadership with accurate real time data on the number of patients waiting for surgery filtered by procedure, diagnosis, service, wait time, etc.

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How to Increase Post COVID-19 Elective Surgical Capacity

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Increasing Schedule (“Elective”) Surgery/Procedure Capacity During & After COVID-19

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Novari is a Microsoft partner and our technologies leverage the Microsoft technology stack. Novari Health has chosen Microsoft for their reliable, secure, and scalable cloud services.



Canada ranks amongst the worst in access to care, again – Commonwealth Fund Mirror Mirror Report 2021

Author: John Sinclair, CPHIMS-CA, President Novari Health Every few years the well-respected Commonwealth Fund publishes a comparative analysis of the performance of the healthcare systems in 11 industrialized countries (Canada, Australia, U.S.A., United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, France, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland).  Areas of comparison include access to care, care processes, administrative efficiency,…

The Kingstonist, August 18, 2021 – Novari Health provides much-needed support to reduce surgery wait times

Novari in the News John Sinclair, President of Novari Health, had the opportunity to speak with the Kingstonist’s Jessica Foley this week about how Novari is helping Canadian hospitals more efficiently overcome their surgical backlogs. They also discuss Novari’s broader goal of improving access to care across the care continuum, and how we use technology…

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