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Novari Patient Engage™

With more than 24 million patient engagements, Novari Patient Engage software has proven that its use dramatically reduces the administrative burden on frontline healthcare workers by digitising and automating patient communications and interactions. It can be quickly configured for the unique workflows and patient engagement needs for any type of clinic before, during, and after receiving care. The module eliminates over 90% of the need to mail unnecessary patient appointment notifications and for staff to spend time making needless telephone calls to patients. With no app to download, patients can easily interact with the clinic on any mobile device or computer. Automated email and text communications keep patients informed and engaged, translating to a 28% reduction in same day cancellations and a patient satisfaction rate of 91%.

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Drive Organisational Efficiency – “Patients Before Paperwork”

By reducing the tracking of screenings, risk assessments, and unnecessary phone calls without compromising the patient experience, healthcare organisations can automate 50% to 86% of manual administrative workload associated with patient communication, providing more time to focus on improving patient waiting times and reducing staff burnout.

Engage Patients by Text and Email

Patient receive automated communication via email and text messages, keeping them informed about appointment scheduling, pre-admission forms, post-op check-ups, and more. This feature enhances patient communication and engagement, contributing to better care coordination and patient satisfaction.

Smart Risk Screening

Digitally screening patients prior to arrival, identifying and flagging at-risk patients, and providing up-to-date information via a convenient digital patient experience are just some of the benefits. The Novari Patient Engage module helps ready patients for care by automating the screening of their health history to identify clinical risks such as blood thinners, VTE, BMI, allergies, COVID-19, and more. The system has smart alerts based on risk models and automatically flags patients that are high risk or needing review. Predictive risk calculation and early access to patient history facilitates proactive patient management, consultation scheduling, and reduces cancellation rates.

Patient Education

Research shows that patients only recall 25% of clinical information following their appointment. Novari Patient Engage helps healthcare providers convert existing patient education documents and videos, ensuring consistent and traceable delivery of health information. By delivering standardised health information and instructions based on procedure and risk profile, healthcare teams can reduce pre-admission delays and interruptions, and better inform and prepare their patients.

Consent Collection

The Novari Patient Engage module streamlines informed consent processes into a seamless digital experience. By enabling patients to independently review materials and sign consent forms, the module enhances patient understanding, satisfaction, and engagement while increasing clinical and administrative efficiency.

Real-time Dashboards & AI Enabled Analytics

Real-time dashboards & AI enabled analytics offer valuable insights to optimise patient care and operational efficiency. By identifying common risk factors along patient pathways and utilising patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and patient-reported experience measures (PREMs), healthcare providers can identify bottlenecks in the system, make informed decisions to improve care processes, and reduce re-admission rates. Reports can be configured by use case, data range, department, clinical risk, population level, patient experience, etc.

Quick & Easy to Deploy

Novari Patient Engage includes easy-to-use set-up functionality and a simple 4-week process allowing each clinic to quickly deploy their first custom pathway. Ongoing changes to a clinic’s pathways can be quickly made at any time by clinic staff with no need for IT or vendor support.

Patient Participation

With Novari Patient Engage, patients do not need an account or to download an app. The clinic can easily invite their patients to participate by sharing a QR code, posting a link on their website or by sending them a text message.


The software is compliant with Canadian privacy legislation and the data is hosted in Microsoft Canadian data centres.


Automate the collection of research information from patients at any point in their journey including patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) and patient reported experience measures (PREMs), etc.

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