Novari Health’s Medical Imaging Requisition Management™ (MIRM) eReferral solution has gone live at North York General Hospital (NYGH), eliminating the burden of paper-based medical imaging requisitions and streamlining medical imaging workflows.


Like most hospitals, the medical imaging department at NYGH receives many thousands of imaging requisitions from community-based physicians. There is a global movement to ‘Axe the Fax’, in recognition that paper-based workflows in healthcare are not only inefficient but introduce an unnecessary risk for patients in lost or misplaced referrals. Recognizing this, NYGH turned to Novari Health to implement our state-of-the-art medical imaging referral management solution. The 3-in-1 Novari MIRM™ software module provides eReferral, central intake, and workflow management functionality.


Using the Novari Health MIRM™ module, medical imaging requisitions are initiated from community-based physicians. These requisitions are received electronically at the hospital and based on modality specific (e.g., MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, etc.) workflows, requisitions are electronically processed, including electronic protocoling, and routed to the hospital’s scheduling system. The MIRM module is live and being rolled out by modality. As is often the case with transformational digital health implementations, integration between systems is critical. North York General Hospital’s implementation necessitated scheduling integration with Cerner and Novari, making the entire process paperless as electronic documentation is sent to PACS.


“North York General Hospital’s reputation for quality care, combined with a world class Cerner implementation made this project an exciting opportunity for Novari. The value proposition of Novari Health’s Medical Imaging Requisition Management module can be achieved by hospitals across Canada.”  
John Sinclair, CPHIMS-CA
President, Novari Health


The Novari Access to Care software platform and its various modules, have been implemented in every region of the province of Ontario. North York General Hospital is setting a new benchmark when it comes to innovation and technology driven requisition management. The ability for clinicians to electronically manage requisitions throughout transitions of care for medical imaging and other pathways (e.g., surgical, mental health, diabetes, etc.) is unique to Novari Health’s end-to-end healthcare technology.


For security, scalability, and the ease of implementation, the cloud based Novari Access to Care software platform is provided as a software as a service, hosted on Microsoft’s Canadian Azure cloud infrastructure.


About Novari Health
Novari Health designs, builds, and implements award-winning cloud-based, enterprise scale software solutions that improve access to care, coordination of care, and the delivery of healthcare services. The Novari Access to Care software platform includes virtual care, eReferral, central intake, workflow management, surgical waitlist management, and medical imaging requisition management modules. Based in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, Novari has become one of the largest Canadian based digital health solution providers. With offices in Kingston, Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, and Sydney, Australia, the Novari team is comprised of physicians, nurses, former hospital administrators, software architects, software developers, project managers, certified professionals in Health Information and Management Systems, and client support. Novari Health is a Microsoft Partner, with software solutions hosted on the Microsoft Azure Canadian and Australian cloud data centres, for security and scalability.