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Novari Endoscopic Services™

Novari Endoscopic Services™ software is a comprehensive referral and wait list management solution that streamlines endoscopic referral workflows at individual hospitals or across health regions. Every implementation is co-designed and tailored to each organization’s referral, wait listing, triage, routing and other workflows step.

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Central Intake and Direct Referrals

Depending on local needs, referrals can be sent digitally from a referring practitioner directly to the provider or hospital endoscopic programs. Alternatively, as organizations and regions implement coordinated endoscopic care programs, referrals can be routed through a central intake model / hub with customized workflows (e.g., intake, triage, routing, etc.) to help load balance demand across all available providers and resources.

Fax Referrals and Artificial Intelligence

While fax referrals are declining, they are still in use in many healthcare systems. Novari Endoscopic Services includes robust abilities, enhanced with the use of artificial intelligence, to receive, view and process fax referrals. Referrals can also be received electronically from hospital information systems, EMRs and from local eReferral services.

Customizable Endoscopic Workflows

We work with clients to co-design and configure the software to meet the specific referral workflow needs of each organization or health region. The software supports complex workflows for a wide range of endoscopic referral types (e.g., gastroscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, etc.).

Seamless Integration

The technology seamlessly integrates with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems and hospital information systems (HIS) (e.g., Oracle Health/Cerner, Epic, Meditech, etc.). Furthermore, the system can be integrated with local or national eReferral systems along with physician practice EMRs.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytic

Novari Endoscopic Services leverages customized real-time dashboards and AI enabled comprehensive management reports to drive organizational efficiency and continuous improvement. The technology enables you to easily understand the volume of patients waiting at various stages of referral workflows and use artificial intelligence process mining to identify bottlenecks in the system.


Novari Endoscopic Services can eliminate the burden of acknowledging and updating referring practitioners by digitally providing them with automated status updates.

Wait List Management

Novari Endoscopic Services includes robust wait list management functionality, allowing clinical, clerical and administrative users to view real-time data on the volume and status of referrals. Patients can be prioritized for urgency and tracked against wait time targets.

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David Mosher,
Vice President, Business Development

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