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Novari’s mission is to improve access to care by connecting patients and healthcare professionals – everywhere.

Why We Do What We Do

The genesis of Novari Health was a recognition by a group of forward-thinking healthcare providers and hospital administrators that modern software technology could be used to improve patient access to care. They were working in the single payer public healthcare system in Canada, which delivers quality care, but often with long wait times.

They developed a software system, known today as Novari ATC® providing surgeons, their medical secretaries, and hospitals with real-time colour coded wait list management dashboards of patients waiting for surgery. Wait list management by those selecting and scheduling patients is often the missing ingredient to improve access to care for patients and to help ensure that patients receive treatment according to mandated timelines. The benefits of this new system were immediately evident to the surgeons, their staff, and patients. This solution has grown and developed over time and continues to be deployed by hospitals and health authorities.

From our beginnings in surgical wait list management, we continued to grow and have designed, built, and implemented a suite of complementary and integrated eReferral, referral management, central intake, and care coordination software modules that improve access to care across the continuum of care. Our software improves access to care and the efficiency of healthcare systems for surgical, imaging, diabetes, mental health and addictions, cardiac, cancer, endoscopy, wound care, rehabilitative, long-term care, and other patients.

Our exclusive focus on access to care has allowed us to become international experts on how patients enter and move through healthcare systems. It has been reported that transitions of care from one provider to another are often error prone and can be dangerous for patients. Novari’s undivided attention to this important and often neglected area of health care delivery allows us to work with and complement other digital health solutions like hospital information systems (HIS/EHR), physician office electronic medical records (EMR/PMS), and government wait time registries.

Novari started with a bold idea and a belief that well thought out technology could make a positive difference. Today, the company has grown, but our core mission and focus has remained the same. Our growing team includes software architects, database administrators, informatics professionals, cloud experts, physicians, past hospital administrators, certified project managers, privacy subject matter experts, skilled software developers, testers, analysts, and system integration experts.

John Sinclair, CPHIMS-CA

Chief Executive Officer, Novari Health

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