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Novari Mental Health and Addictions™

Supporting hospitals and health regions in improving and coordinating access to care for mental health and addiction services.

Regional and hospital central intake models have demonstrated they improve access to care for patients seeking mental health and addiction services. The Novari Mental Health & Addiction (Novari MHA) software improves the referral, intake, triage, routing, receiving, and processing of referrals. The system recognizes the complexity of providing coordinated access to mental health services and is scalable to manage high referral volumes with complex workflows.


Realize Your Vision

Mental health and addiction central intake and coordinated care models vary widely. While they all share the goal of improving access to MHA services their scope, workflows, referral forms, triaging, and routing often have significant variation. Our experienced analysts and configuration teams can configure the Novari MHA system to align with your organization’s vision and unique workflows.

Configurable for Any Type of Workflow

Novari MHA can be configured for the specific clinical and administrative workflow needs of each hospital or health region’s mental health and addictions coordinated care model. The software can support organizations’ complex multi-step workflows.

Know the Status and Location of Every Referral in Real Time

When using paper and fax, referring clinicians and other stakeholders are frequently unaware of the current status of each referral. Novari MHA helps to close the loop by displaying the status of each referral and sending updates as referrals move through the system.

Multiple Referral Sources

Your referring clinicians and organizations likely have a mix of technologies and processes from electronic to paper and sadly fax. Novari MHA was designed with this in mind and is capable of accepting referrals electronically from a variety of sources (e.g., electronic medical record (EMR), practice management systems (PMS), hospital information systems (HIS/EHR), existing regional eReferral solutions), and by fax. Optionally, patient self-referrals can be supported via a public web form.

Note: Novari EHR’s native integration capabilities are capable of integrating with most EMR/PMS solutions. Talk to your EMR/PMS vendor.

Wait List Management and Load Balancing

Mental health and addictions central intake care coordination models are designed to reduce wait times and improve access to care. Novari MHA uses sophisticated and customizable wait list management and workflow dashboards to help manage patients in various queues. Provider wait times are tracked in real-time and used to help load balance demand for MHA services across all available providers, thereby improving wait times and ensuring that all providers are leveraged according to their capacity.

Complete and Appropriate Referrals

Incomplete or clinically inappropriate referrals are inefficient and unnecessarily delay patient care.  Novari MHA enables mandatory referral data sets, so referrals received digitally are always complete and appropriate. Referrals received via fax can easily be reviewed for completeness and appropriateness and if required, quickly returned to the sender with one of many templated notes.

Patient Notifications

In today’s world patients often expect to receive electronic update notifications. Novari MHA can send both email and text (SMS) appointment and other electronic notifications to patients. Doing so reduces the time and cost of contacting patients and reduces expensive “no shows”.  Appointments scheduled in hospital enterprise scheduling systems (e.g., Meditech, Oracle Cerner, etc.) can trigger patient notifications in Novari MHA.

Connect with David to learn more about Novari Mental Health and Addictions.

David Mosher,
Vice President, Business Development

Nala Sriharan
Manager, Mississauga Halton Central Intake Program

"With the Novari platform, the one-Link program electronically processes high volume referrals with a 150% increase in capacity from a previous paper process. Novari connects the referring providers, one-Link and receiving services to a single platform and keeps all parties informed with live status updates on every referral. With the Novari enabling technology and coordinated access model, one-Link is able to more quickly connect people to healthcare services."

Want to learn more about how we can transform your mental health and addictions referral and workflow management process?

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