Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management

Intake, referral, and workflow management for all cardiac services.

The Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management™ software module allows secondary care cardiac teams to eliminate paper and improve the referral workflows for cardiologists, clerical staff, hospital management, leadership, etc. The system is highly configurable and can be customised to meet a variety of workflows (e.g., cath lab, heart rhythm, electrophysiology, etc.).


Customised Workflows

The data and workflows for different types of referrals can vary significantly. For example, the data on a referral form and the workflows for a cath lab referral can be significantly different than those for an electrophysiology referral. In recognition of this variance, Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management can be configured for any cardiac service with bespoke workflows. Novari works closely with our clients to configure the software to meet each client’s unique needs and workflows.

Wait List Management and Dashboards

Clinical, clerical, and administrative users of Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management need accurate real time data on the volume and status of cardiac referrals. Customisable dashboards provide clinicians and clerical staff with actionable information and alerts enabling them to efficiently process patient referrals. Users are also provided with access to detailed analytical reports and easy identification of workflow and access to care bottlenecks.

Central Intake and Direct Referrals

Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management replaces generalised inboxes with a modern tool that can track each referral. Referrals can be sent from one provider (i.e., GP) directly to another provider (i.e., cardiac specialist). Alternatively, as ICB’s and cardiac networks implement coordinated care programs, referrals can be routed through a central intake/hub referral model with customised workflows (e.g., intake, triage, routing, etc.) to help load balance demand across all available providers. Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management is designed to ensure that the right patients get to the right providers at the right time and with the right data.

Complete and Appropriate Referrals

Incomplete or clinically inappropriate referrals are inefficient and unnecessarily delay patient care. Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management enables mandatory referral data sets, so referrals received digitally are always complete and appropriate. Referrals received via email can be easily reviewed for completeness and appropriateness and if required, quickly returned to the sender with one of many templated notes.

Accelerate Care by Load Balancing Demand

When choosing where to send a referral, it can be hard to know all the referral options and which provider can see the patient in the shortest wait time. Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management sophisticated wait time algorithm uses its own wait time data and patient location data to help route each referral to the next available provider.

Communicate with Referring Providers and Patients

Referring providers are often concerned when they do not receive timely information on the status of their referrals from central intake or receiving providers. Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management can automate the sending of updates to the referring providers using email and automated messaging. Similarly, patients can receive updates on their appointment scheduling status by both SMS text messages or email.

Use Real-Time Data to Improve Process

To know where problems exist in existing patient flows, we need to know where to look. Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management offers detailed insight into the entire referral process enabling the identification of bottlenecks and the development of more streamlined workflows.

Easily Integrated

Healthcare organisations depend on multiple tools to get the job done. Using software that can’t integrate can be frustrating as it leads to people having to do the same thing twice and mistakes in keeping systems in sync. Novari Cardiac Services Referral Management can integrate with practice management solutions (PMS), Hospital Systems (EPR), eReferral systems (ERS), and others easily via FHIR or HL7 to make sure everyone is working as efficiently as possible.

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Angela Single,
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“Novari Health’s software helps our staff, nurses and physicians streamline the referral process and ensures we have the information we need to best support our patients.”

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