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Novari Medical Imaging Requisition Management

eRequisition Management, Workflow Management, eProtocolling, and Wait List Management

The Novari Medical Imaging Requisition Management (MIRM) software module eliminates paper and dramatically improves the department’s requisition workflows for radiologists, technologists, clerical staff, and department leadership.

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Paperless Requisition and Workflow Management

Streamline your requisition workflows by removing paper and fax from your medical imaging department for all modalities, from receipt to scheduling, including the option to eProtocol.

Complete MI Requisitions

Novari MIRM enables mandatory referral data sets, so requisitions received digitally are always complete. Requisitions can be received by fax, web portal, eReferral and by EMR/EHR/HIS orders. Referrals received via fax can easily be reviewed for completeness and if required,
quickly returned to the sender with one of many templated responses.


Novari MIRM enables easy and comprehensive reporting on key performance metrics in virtual real-time within the department by modality, priority, and user etc. (e.g., wait times, new requisitions, requisitions protocolled, etc.).

Configurable for All Modality Workflows

Novari MIRM can be configured for the specific clinical and administrative workflow needs of each hospital. The information collected, routing options, and workflows can be specific for each modality and requisition type. Workflow steps for each modality can involve many clinical and administrative roles.

Eliminating Lost Requisitions and Reducing Time Spent Searching for Requisitions

Novari MIRM eliminates lost requisitions by automatically sorting requisitions and allowing users to filter requisitions by modality, body part, priority, etc. Time spent searching for requisitions is reduced by allowing users to search for requisitions anywhere in the system using HCN, MRN, patient name, etc.

Referring Provider Notifications

The Novari MIRM software module displays the status of each requisition as it moves through the system, as well as automatically sending updates to keep providers up to date while improving communication and clerical efficiency.


Novari MIRM includes the convenient option for technologists and radiologists to quickly eProtocol requisitions at anytime from anywhere, without being dependant on physical access to the paper requisitions – Protocolling from home!


Novari MIRM can integrate with electronic health record (EHR) and radiology information system (RIS) (e.g., Oracle Cerner, Meditech, Epic, Allscripts, RIS, PACS, etc.). Using DICOM and other technologies, Novari facilitates paperless MI processes and workflows.

Patient Notifications

Novari MIRM can send both email and text (SMS) modality specific appointment updates to patients. Doing so reduces the time and cost of contacting patients, allows patients to confirm their appointments, and reduces expensive “no shows”.

Wait List Management

Novari MIRM delivers robust wait list management functionality helping to ensure that every patient receives timely care. Long waiting or delayed patients are easily identified and flagged.

Connect with Angela to learn more about Novari MIRM.

Angela Single,
Director, Business Development UK

Rob Lee
Former Vice President, Information Management & Technology, Chief Information Officer, Grey Bruce Health Services

“Like many organisations that are using paper-based requisitions, a significant amount of effort is spent by staff and physicians at GBHS managing the flow and access to that form. Digitising the requisition will allow us to streamline our processes and open up opportunities such as remote protocolling, which is a positive step forward for our Radiologists and Medical Imaging teams, especially during a pandemic.”

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