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Novari Centralised Regional Surgical Wait List Management HUB

Regional Coordination, Wait List Management, Analytics, Patient Transfer, and Interactive Mapping

The Novari Centralised Regional Surgical Wait List Management HUB™ consolidates real time surgical waiting list case information from hospitals across a region enabling regional coordination of surgical services. Using waiting list management, analytics, digital patient transfer, and interactive mapping, this innovative software supports ICSs, clinical network leads, trusts, leadership, service managers, division directors and individual clinicians to manage and coordinate surgical services.


Consolidated Regional Data

The system collects real time data on every patient waiting for surgery from participating trusts in the region. The data is sourced from hospital IT systems including EPRs, Novari ATC, etc. The Novari HUB presents surgical and administrative leadership users with a consolidated real-time regional view of patients queuing for operations and other procedures.

Wait List Management

The system’s real time waiting list can be used to identify long waiting patients across the ICS or clinical network, and enable regional coordination of surgical services (e.g., orthopaedics, general surgery, ophthalmology, etc.).

Regional Surgical Analytics

The system uses modern graphical analytics to allow users to visualise regional surgical data for both waiting and completed historical cases. The information can be filtered by date range, hospitals, surgical services (e.g., orthopedics, general surgery, oncology, etc.), diagnosis, procedure, wait time, priority, and cancer, etc.

Better Information, Better Decisions, Better Coordination

Knowing which trust, surgical services, and clinical teams across a health economy have the longest and shortest wait times, along with the ability to easily identify groups of waiting patients, allows every decision maker in the region to make informed decisions and coordinate their efforts.

Patient Transfer

Shortening wait times by transferring patients from one hospital site to another is complex. The Novari HUB manages the transfer referral process regardless of the IT systems used at each site (e.g., Oracle Health, etc.). Every hospital can send and receive transfer requests.

Regional Interactive Mapping

The system’s interactive mapping features display regional surgical waiting list information at the ICS clinical network and trust levels. Mapping this information allows for an immediate visual comparison of volumes and waiting times by geography, data range, surgical service, etc.

Regional Surgical Services Coordination

Often, specialty clinical teams operate independently of each other with minimal coordination of resources or waiting lists. The system is designed to enable specialty clinical teams and networks to collaborate and coordinate their efforts and resources.

Surgical Backlogs

With a real time view of every patient waiting for operations/procedures across an ICS, network, or trust, waiting time variations for any type of procedure across hospital sites and individual clinicians can be easily identified. Once identified, the system can help facilitate the coordination necessary to transfer eligible cases to where capacity is available in an effort to maximise throughput.

Connect with Angela to learn more about Novari Centralised Regional Surgical Wait List Management HUB.

Angela Single,
Director, Business Development UK

Hon. Sylvia Jones,
Deputy Premier and
Minister of Health

“Integrating this made-in-Ontario software in hospitals across Eastern Ontario will mean shorter wait times for patients awaiting surgery and a more efficient use of hospital resources. This is an excellent example of the innovation we are calling for, all with the goal of improving our health system and creating a better experience for the patient.”

Powerful alone. Better together.

Novari ATC, our surgical eBooking, OR utilisation, pre-operative standardisation, and wait list management technology provides enhanced data and analytics for the Novari Centralised Regional Surgical Wait List Management HUB and provides enhanced real-time surgical analytics across your entire region or province.

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